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Machinery Spare Parts Services

Machines for industry

We are able to develop optimal solutions for almost any type of production or product.

We offer made-to-measure machines. We are able to offer single unit production and equipment.

We offer a variety of belt conveyors: horizontal, ascending or suspended, equipped with PVC, PU and modular belts. We offer vibrating and roller conveyors aswell.

Depending on Customer needs our products maybe made of stainless or carbon steel, may be painted or galvanized.

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Spare parts

We carry out serial or single unit spare parts production for industry machines.  

- gears and racks,
- shafts,
- snails and worms,
- splines and cams,
- all elements made of steel or plastic.

We provide modern machinery and high quality of details.

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The Faste company specializes in comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial internal transport. We have extensive experience in the transport of food industry products. Conveyors tailored to the individual needs of the customer can transport the product in bulk or packed in the form of packages, containers, cans, bottles, etc. We are able to develop an optimal solution for almost any type of production.


We provide

  •  proffesional advice and solutions
  •  design and construction according to customer needs
  • machine delivery, assembly and comissioning 
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • modernization of existing conveyors and their systems
  • support and technical advice
  • technical emergency

Our Customers

Machine design and construction

Factory Address
Zakład Produkcyjno-Usługowy FASTE sp.j.
ul. Zygmuntowo 7A , 06-406 Opinogóra Górna, Poland

: +48 23 672 41 66,
Tel./Fax: +48 23 672 14 20

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Spare Parts Production 

Factory Address / HQ Address
Zakład Produkcyjno - Usługowy FASTE sp.j.
ul. Towarowa 2
06-400 Ciechanów, Poland

VAT ID: PL5660011188

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 8:00-16:00